If you’re concerned about your child’s progress, particularly with the new school year looming, don’t feel you can’t do anything about it until this is well and truly over. Get in touch and we’ll arrange an assessment via ‘teletherapy’.

We are offering a FREE FACE-TO-FACE FOLLOW UP SESSION for all new telepractice assessments booked during this time.

We have all been adjusting to a new life indoors and struggling to teach and entertain our children at home whilst also possibly working. So we’ve had our plates rather full! We hope you are doing ok! But as we adjust to our new temporary normal, we can begin to think again of our other needs. Rest assured that we are still able to provide speech and language therapy to your children via video link-up. You may think that this will not work for your child but you’d be surprised, we have been finding it working well even for the 3 year olds. There are even some advantages! If necessary we can get around tricky bits by taking video clips and using questionnaires. However, like it or not, our children these days are really motivated by technology, some of them can listen and attend even better when they are focussed on the screen. Sessions are still full of games and fun interactive activities, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Our video sessions also serve as an element of structure in their day. All you need is a reasonable internet connection and access to a laptop, desktop computer or iPad. We take care of the rest.

In addition, where teletherapy really isn’t suitable, or isn’t for you, we can still send ideas and resources to you via email once we have done some assessment of your situation.

So come and give it a try.

Louise, Alison and Stephen x