Louise is able to provide Teletherapy services to clients nationwide. This includes teletherapy sessions in school or nursery, provided a teaching assistant can be present to support the child.

Teletherapy has proven to be a really successful, and even advantageous, tool during the Cornonovirus pandemic and now Louise is please to continue to offer this going forward for both assessment and therapy. Teletherapy can be useful for situations in which there is not time to travel, there are childcare issues, distance is too far, or where there are shielding issues. Some children even engage more easily with this type of format.

Teletherapy assessment

This is carried out in much the same way as an in-person assessment. Most parents worry that their child won’t engage with an online assessment because they don’t have the attention span or won’t even talk to their grandparents in a video call. However teletherapy really feels very different. Louise will join with pictures and activities available to share up on the screen and will use those to engage and assess your child. Before they know it, you child is so engaged with what is going on that they have forgotten that they are supposed to be ‘talking’ to the lady. In addition a lot of information can be gained from watching your child, even in the background, in their home environment with you.

In addition Louise will ask you to send a few short video clips of your child talking/playing/interacting ahead of the video call. This can provide Louise with a lot of useful information that she can use to make her assessment. Videos do not need to be of anything special, Louise just asks that there is not a lot of noise in the background, she can see your child’s face for some of the time and that they are not just watching TV. Apart from that, the more natural the better.

Teletherapy therapy

These are really fun. Louise will join with a planned and prepared session of activities tailored as much as possible to your child’s interests and temperament. She uses a range of tools including shared playing with actual toys, dressing up, specific on-screen tasks and games and even green screen technology. You can often be given some of the same online therapy games or activities to carry on at home.