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Speech and language therapy


What to expect

I accept referrals from a range of people including parents/carers, Health Visitors, Doctors, Educational staff.

Following our first contact, often by phone or email, I will usually carry out an assessment of your child's skills and their situation through discussion with you, playing with/observing your child and sometimes some more formal assessments. This is usually carried out in your own home so that you and your child are most at ease. At the end of this session I will discuss my findings and my recommendations with you. I will then go away and write a report and, with your consent, will send this to other relevant professionals involved with your child.

Following assessment the most common courses of action are:

  • a number of weekly 1:1 therapy sessions followed by a short break and then a review
  • a school/nursery visit to gather more information or to liaise with school staff
  • a home program followed by a review at a later date
  • no intervention necessary
  • onward referral to other services
  • very occasionally I am able to offer small group sessions at a reduced rate.

Full details of my fees can be provided on request, but as a guide a standard therapy session at my home would usually cost around £55. This includes not only my time with your child (usually around 45 minutes), but also time outside of the session for planning, writing up notes, making resources and also for materials. The cost of an initial assessment is more due to the time involved. Details of my terms and conditions are available here.

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